Wildlife Photography in Hialeah, Florida

For many of us who live in South Florida, Hialeah has become the brunt of many jokes. Namely, that you cannot find your way around because their streets are numbered differently than the rest of the County. That it is too crowded. That it is ugly because it is predominantly industrial. That the traffic is horrible. That there is no real green spaces there.

To some extent, the above is true. However, there is some green space in the City. Specifically, Amelia Earhart Park. This park is a great place for the family and there are some nice ponds and lakes with sort of waterfowl and wading birds such as white ibis. This image was taken there, in Hialeah. So, yes Virginia, there is some nature in Hialeah, you just have to open your eyes to find it. (Also a good map or gps would help too).


Pete said...

Another park we got kicked out of for attempting to fly r/c airplanes. Real nice photo. I get alot of those birds here. They come in a flock and comb through my yard looking for insects.

Pete said...

Mike did the water naturally come out like that or did you enhance it in PS... Incredible colors.

Srcohiba said...

Other than punching up the colors, the water is natural. They key is getting the right lighting.

Steven Hunt said...

We have an ecological restoration business here in Orlando. Really, I enjoy your art, your photography. Indeed, your dedication shines through--and that is not easy when you have to devote so much time with your professional life.

I have some nice photos, and, as well, I dabble with photography--but you appear far more techically adept.

On another note, I was born in the Miami area, and despite the incredible ecological problems, the area is close to my heart.

Keep well, stay safe. You can be assured that I will regularly check in with your blog.