Portland Head Lighthouse - Portland, Maine

There was a recent comments about whether I had anything negative against those from the Northeast and whether I’d been there. The answer to the questions is no, I’ve got no issues with folks from the NE. My only beef with people anywhere is simply whether they are rude and obnoxious. Here in South Florida we have our share of rude and obnoxious folks, many of them old and retired and from the NE who should not be driving. But, my comments are all in fun. Funny thing is that I deal with attorneys from the big cities, New York, Boston, and Washington, DC, and I can’t tell you how much they crack me up. They think us attorneys from South Florida are a bunch of country bumpkins. What really cracks me up is that so many of them love to come off as ultra aggressive with an attitude that they will crush us Southern yahoos. In the end, they always give in to our Southern charm (and in my case, Southern Cuban charm). Most of them I’ve concluded are paper lawyers. We all got to make a living, but there’s no need to be rude and nasty and obnoxious. People in my profession today feel that the ends justify the means to win a case even it means sandbagging your opponent, lying to the court, and simply using the system to harass your opposition and force them into submission.
How I wish I could have practiced in the days when attorneys rode the circuit with the judges and when the practice was goverened by civility.
As for the photo, it is of the Portland Head Lighthouse in Portland, Maine. It is in the Northeast and is in one of my favorite States outside of Florida. It was the first lighthouse commissioned in the US by none other than his Excellency, George Washington in 1791.


Lou said...

Well...you know how I feel about lawyers so I'll leave it at that.
Love the lighthouse.
Your No. 1 fan!

Pete said...

I have some nice photos of this lighthouse but not taken by me.