American Bald Eagle

There seems to be a lot of ingrates lately when it comes to our country. Instead of asking what their country could do for them, they should rethink their positions and see what, as JFK said, they could do for their country.

This bird to me represents my country -- freedom and strength. I suggest everyone stop burning US flags and clogging traffic, and read 1776 and John Adams by David McCollough. If after reading these books you still feel like burning the flag, then why not do as the torries did in the 18th century; bolt!

In any event, this was taken in Osceola County, Florida near Lake Kissimmee last February 2006.

This is your photo for the day.


Pete said...

Real beauty man... Didn't know there were Bald Eagles in Florida... America, love it or leave it that's what I say..Unfortunately some elements see it as a cash cow, and others simply want to destroy it from the inside out. The only thing that can destroy us is complacency...Look at Europe that's what happens when you get complacent... Dude you are the master photographer, I still have a lot to learn...