On the Seventh Day . . .

Well folks, it's Sunday. So I greet you with a photo of a Barred Owl which I took last February in Osceola County, during an instructional photo tour with Jim Neiger. The man is amazing at getting you photo ops of some cool birds, especially owls...my favorites.

Jim's web site is http://www.photosbynature.com/

If you want to see and photograph some great species in Central Florida, hook up with him. In one afternoon, I got images of owls, hawks, bald eagles, meandowlarks, just to name a few.

So, hopefully we'll have a great week.


Charlie Bravo said...

Mike, your blog is one of my daily haunts.
It's very refreshing to come here and see all your images. And it moves one to thinking a lot about life when one reads all your comments. It's a combination of the worth of images in words, and the meaning -and worth- of words in images.

Srcohiba said...

Thanks for the comments CB!