Bye Sol, Manana Sol

"Bye Sol, Manana Sol" is what my son used to say as a 3 year old when I would take him to see the sunsets on the West Coast of Florida. To me it signifies the innocent optimism that the sun will return the next morning to grace our day. Young children do not understand the scientific explanation of things. Only that the sun goes down and rises the next morning. I find a child's innocent comments and phrases so refreshing these days. They say so much more than the polemic and rhetoric of our leaders, and of the dregs of society who wish to be our defacto leaders (i.e., the mainstream media, Hollywood, the music industry, the ACLU, etc.)

With all the drech that is going on with this planet, from the mid-east to the gas crises, to global warming, to global pollution, to human pollution, to avian flu, to mental pollution, to nutty Presidents in South America waiting to shoot people with poison darts, to nutty people in the Mideast who want to kill people to get laid with 100 virgins, to politicians in the District of Columbia who can’t see the forest though the trees, to the people in South Florida who cannot see the Everglades though the development, to the traffic we face every day, to an upcoming Hurricane Season, et seq. You get the point? I can continue. if you like.
You have to thank God that the young ones truly have no clue about the mess the adults have created for them.There are certain absolutes in the world with respect to morality. Once those absolutes are gone by the wayside, once hatred and Machiavellian justifications for our actions take precedent over love of God and family, once respect for human life is eviscerated, then we are no better than Fidel and his minions. I really wonder if the children of tyranny possess the same innocence than the children who live in freedom.

The Godless immoral society that is being wrought upon us is fighting for the soul of our children. And we must fight back. To quote the old CSN&Y song:

Teach your children well.
Their father's hell will slowly go by.
feed them on your dreams.
The one they pick's the one you'll know by.
Don't you ever ask them why.
If they told you, you would cry.
just look at them and sigh.
And know they love you.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this touching and wise post.
I like your photos ( I am the biologist).

I would like to send to you a photo from the Cigar Galaxy but I don`t know, can I manage :)
This is Astronomy Picture of Day 2006 April 14 via Nasa