The Great White Heron at Sunrise

I think I'm finally able to upload images directly. So here is a bonus, another photo for the day. A Great White Heron shot from a boat in Florida Bay shortly after sunrise. I shot this with a Canon EOS 1D Mark II and a 400 5.6L Canon Lens.

And if y'all are wondering, I do sell these images if you wish to grace your home or office with scenes from South Florida.


Pete said...

Pete is in da house... Cool Blog dude. I will link thee. Hey I don't have such a great camera as yours, but I took and awesome photo of the Jupiter Lighthouse at night. I will post it on my blog and tell me how you think it came out... I can't wait to buy a good camera as soon as I have the funds. My budget is about $1000.00
What do you recommend as an entry level SLR that comes with a lens.

Pete said...

I'm going with digital...I already have a decent(old) 35mm film one.