Florida as Art - Sanibel

For years, I have had to hear the moaning and groaning of folks who complain about Florida, i.e.: "it's too hot"; "there's no seasons", "it's boring", yadda yadda yadda.

My response to these folks is that you've not seen Florida. All you see is the fumes from cars on I-95 on the east and I-75 on the West or I-4 in the middle as well as on the byroads on y'all's way to work. Most folks think that Florida is just the beach, Disney World, and watching the hoi polloi on South Beach. Folks, you ain't seen Florida.

It's ironic that on my trips to the Everglades, I run into more out of towners than I see locals. I run into people from Europe, Canada, and from other parts of the USA. When I run into them, I try to be a gracious host and tell them of the best natural spots to visit in Florida and its environs. I'm tired of the reputation for rudeness we have here. (Although much of that was imported from the big cities of the NE. You don't find much rudeness on the west coast of Florida. They're mainly mid-westerner transplants over there).
But back to my point. Florida is a natural work of art. For many years now, I've made it a point to get to know as much of my state as I can. And without a doubt, you'll not find a more unique place for a tete a tete with nature. All you have to do is open your eyes and look around. After you pass the Wal-Marts and fast food places, and office buildings, banks and condos, you'll find a canvas waiting to be painted and a photo waiting to be taken.
One of my favorite locations in Florida is on the West Coast, i.e. Lee County, Florida, especially the island of Sanibel. If you time your visit just right, you can see works of art emerge before your eyes. This one particular image was at the beach at lighthouse park one summer day.
I love summer in Florida. It's hot, but so what. I love the summer storms and the wonderful cloud patterns they provide for my art. I can do without hurricanes, as I've had my fill. But I'll never leave. This is truly my home.
So for those who continue to kvetch and complain and moan and groan about how horrible it is here in Florida, I will gladly point you to the real Florida to maybe change your mind. If that does not work, well, northbound I-95 and I-75 await you.


Anonymous said...

This your photo is really a piece of art. It is beautiful and impressive.
Do you know site www.flickr.com
You could put your photos there, so more people could see them.
Greetings from Finland.

Pete said...

I used to drive by the everglades once a week when I had stores out west. Saw lots of alligators. It truly is the place if you want to get lost and leave the noise behind. Not even cellphones work there.