Let's Get Aggresive

I wonder why this old man at the beach wore this shirt? He was pretty old, believe me. Perhaps he wanted to get aggresive at the line at Publix? Or while trying to park his car? Who knows.

He's probably from the North East where it is a badge of honor to "get aggresive."

If you're a native Floridian or you live and are acclimated to living in the Keys or on the various islands in Florida, you tend to cop a different attitude. I call it the parrothead attitude. It is:

1) chill out dude
2) I want to enjoy my drink and cigar
3) I want to wear island attire and listen to Jimmy Buffett music as well as to Bob Marley
4) I don't want to shave (applies to men only) or comb my hair...
5) I'd rather go fishing

So if you see this old guy in Broward County, Florida, buy him a drink, cause I think he really needs it. In fact, if you see me on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (which you likely will since I work there all week), buy me a drink, why don't ya?


Janine White said...

I like your photos, but you seem to be dissing the Northeast quite a bit in your posts. Ever been there or are you just parroting a stereotype?

Srcohiba said...

Janine, I've been the NE and actually love it. Especially New England. Maine is God's second country after the Everglades in my opinion. I also love Mass.

By the NE, I'm (tongue and cheek) referring to the city folks who are rude and loud and pushy (some types found in NYC). They retire in Florida and continue to be rude here too. SE Florida has a ton of rude people and it turns off a lot of out of towners.

Thanks for the comments