Silent Running

One of my favorite sci fi movies from the 70's .... heavy man...


Flashback to the 1980's

One of the classic scenes from Back to the Future . . .


Happy Friday Infidels

Have a great weekend. Enjoy the sun and the BBQ cause after Monday, it's all downhill until the holidays in December.

Jeff Beck - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

my favorite guitar player of all time. Enjoy infidels....


What is and What Should Never Be

Classic Led Zep Live


Afternoon with Bill

Yours truly and the Gov. of New Mexico (and Presidential Candidate).

Weather Report - Birdland

Last week I featured Cannonball Adderley. His keyboardist in the 1960's was Joe Zawinul who had success in the 1970's with the fusion group Weather Report which featured on the most talented bassists of all time (from South Florida no less), Jaco Pastorius.

Here's their most famous piece, Birdland.

Interesting note; in the 1960's, Cannonball was criticised a lot by the Nation of Islam for having a white keyboardist in his group. Cannonball retorted, "I don't care what color he is, as long as he shows up on time and can play."

Touche Cannonball. Joe's been ill lately, so hopefully he gets better and can return to performing soon.

See ya cats later.


Have an Excellent Monday

Another week. Had some good time in the field, but now back to work. Later infidels.

The Rain Song

What a better way to end the weekend but with this unplugged Led Zep tune....one of my favs


Mojito Time

No early champagne celebration here. I'll have a mojito instead and when the evil fifo dies, then I'll have the champagne.

Star Trek Coffee House

Yes, even in the future, they are hooked on coffee


Have A Great Weekend Infidels

Start your day with some java. I did. Six Shots of High Test Tanzania brew.

cannonball Adderley

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I discovered a record album in my dad's records. It was The Cannonball Adderley Quintet Live In Chicago. It was recorded in the late 1950's around the time that Adderley and a young tenor sax player, John Coltrane were sidemen for Miles Davis. This record changed my life and was my first exposure to jazz. Since then, I've bought nearly all of his recordings and he's truly my favorite alto horn player. You Tube has some great videos of him performing live so I'll share this one with you.
from Wikipedia:

His educational career was
long established prior to teaching applied instrumental music classes at Dillard High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Cannonball was a local legend in Florida until he moved to New York City in 1955.

He joined the Miles Davis sextet in 1957, around the time that John Coltrane left the group to join Thelonious Monk's band. (Coltrane would return to Davis's group in 1958). Adderley played on the seminal Davis records Milestones and Kind of Blue. Davis had this to say of Adderley's style: "He had a certain spirit. You couldn't put your finger on it, but it was there in his playing every night." This period also overlapped with pianist Bill Evans's time with the sextet, an association that led to recording Portrait of Cannonball and Know What I Mean?.

A band leader
The Cannonball Adderley Quintet featured Cannonball on alto sax and his brother Nat Adderley on cornet. Adderley's first quintet was not very successful. However, after leaving Davis' group, he reformed another, again with his brother, which enjoyed more success.

The new quintet (which later became the Cannonball Adderley Sextet), and Cannonball's other combos and groups, included such noted musicians as:
pianists Bobby Timmons, Victor Feldman, Joe Zawinul (later of Weather Report), and George Duke
bassists Sam Jones, Walter Booker and Victor Gaskin
drummers Louis Hayes and Roy McCurdy
saxophonists Charles Lloyd and Yusef Lateef.
The sextet was noteworthy towards the end of the 1960s for achieving crossover success with pop audiences, but doing it without making artistic concessions.

Avant-garde movement
By the end of 1960s, Adderley's playing began to reflect the influence of the electric jazz avant-garde, and Miles Davis' experiments on the radical album Bitches Brew. On his albums from this period, such as The Price You Got to Pay to Be Free (1970), he began doubling on soprano saxophone, showing the influence of John Coltrane and Wayne Shorter.

Adderley died of a stroke in 1975. He was buried in the Southside Cemetery, Tallahassee, Florida. Joe Zawinul's composition "Cannon Ball" (recorded on Weather Report's album Black Market) is a tribute to his former leader.


Life in the Key of "C"

Since we're in a piano mood, here' s a photo of the keys

Something Pink


Something a Little Different Today

Horowitz plays Chopin Polonaise Op. 53 in A flat major


Waltz for Michelle

Al Jarreau on his last album sang Bill Evan's "Waltz for Debby" and it was the first time I realized there were lyrics to this beautiful melody. The lyrics are fantastic and are appropriate to anyone who has a little princess.

In her own sweet world
Populated by dolls and clowns
And a prince and a big purple bear

Lives my favorite girl.
Unaware of the worried frowns
That we weary grown-ups all wear.
In the sun she dances
To silent music-songs
That are spun of gold
Somewhere in her own little head
Then one day all too soon
She’ll grow up & she’ll leave her doll
And her prince & her silly old bear.

When she goes they will cry
As they whisper good-bye
They will miss her I know
but then so will I.

Earrings made of shoestrings
Barbie dolls with blue jeans
Makin' cross eyes
Shakes me when I'm sleepin'
Did you ever see A kitten with an apron on
Stop 'n start his stereo

When she knows her brothers down the hall runnin'
'round and skippin' 'round
Because she's so,
She's so inspired
Then she's tired
Please put me jammies on
Daddy look at the rain
Can I go and play in the rain

In the sun she dances
To silent music-songs
That are spun of gold
Somewhere in her own little head
Then one day all too soon
She'll grow up & she'll leave her doll
And her prince & her silly old bear
When she goes they will cry
As they whisper good-bye
They will miss her I know
But then so will I.


Bill Evans - Waltz For Debby

This melody by Bill Evans has remained in my soul since I was a child and first heard it play on my turntable. This song is the epitome of the jazz waltz.

Enjoy infidels.


Stevie Wonder - Superstition live on Sesame Street

Well it's back to school today and Stevie always gets me in a jammin mood. Love that 70's look dudes...


Nothing But Spoonies


Talking Heads - (Nothing but) Flowers

Something to end your weekend with. It's back to school manana....



One of my favorite U2 songs of all time for you infidels.

"But the one thing we can all agree, all faiths, all ideologies, is that God is with the vulnerable and the poor. God is in the slums, in the cardboard boxes where the poor play house... God is in the silence of a mother who has infected her child with a virus that will end both their lives... God is in the cries heard under the rubble of war... God is in the debris of wasted opportunity and lives, and God is with us if we are with them." --- Bono


Have A Great Weekend Infidels

A self portrait at Rose Petal Canyon . . . stay safe.....school starts up on Monday so it means I now have to do Third Grade Homework every day.... oh joy.... I thought I had to go through school once..... it never ends.....

Mr. Horse Chimes in ...



And old funny clip which accents today's photo.



Preparame Un Cafe Caballo

The title of this post is what you may hear in a cuban cafeteria in Miami from someone who does not mince words and who enjoys calling caballeros (gentlemen) by an equine adjective -- i.e., Horse. Go figure.

Happy Birthday Dad

My old man had he lived would have been 83 today. Here's a picture I took of him back when I was a young 12 or 13. This image is full of ghosts. In the reflection is me with a Yashica Rangefinder and my departed grandmother. That was my first camera I worked all summer to buy. My 1st foray into photography back when it was film baby. No flickr then.
My old man wasn't around to see his only son get married or have kids. He never met his grandkids Nicolas & MIchelle. I'm sure he's looking from above with a big smile. When things seem bleak and when evil forces try to hurt me, I know he's looking out for me.

I shot this with old Tri-X film and fortunately still have the negs which I scanned. It's one of those pics that can bring tears to your eyes as it captured a moment of time a long long time ago.

People will always come and go. Some will love you and some will hate you. But through it all, there's always your old man to guide and protect you.

So today when I open up my bottle of wine, I'll be drinking with him albeit in spirit. I hope I can be the old man to my kids that you were to me. You were and are the best. Love you always.

Happy Birthday Pop!

Love your son.

Mind Games - John Lennon

Had This Song in my head today. Have a great weekend


Spot The Looney

A good laugh to end the week is always good medicine especially with this classic Python sketch.


ID This Shroom and Have a Great Weekend

Don't know what they are, but I wouldn't eat them especially in a tropical storm or during a sunny day for that matter.

Have a great weekend folks.

Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues

Take A Dylan Break Infidels


Who's the Blonde Stranger?

Beats the heck out of me. She made herself visible to all at the Police Concert in the Front Row Section.....

Tattoo You

A tattoo in the crowd from last month's Police Concert.

Sanibel Lighthouse


The Beach Starts Here

Leaving Sanibel Today Infidels...have a nice Sunday

I'm Outta Here - Gonna Fly Now


Photos from Richard Avedon

One of the greatest portrait photographers of all time.