El Granizado Man

As I am here working at home today, on a legal brief (how exciting), shortly after I feel the earth move under my feet (as a result of Rinker's blasting out west of me), I hear a bell in the street. What do you know, it is the Granizado Man. He's got his wares to feed the painters next door and the other folks who are working outdoors today on this sunny and warm day in Miami lakes, Florida. I go outside cause I'm thirsty and ordered a Tamarind Granizado. Man that was delicious. The gentlemen was gracious enough to pose for me so here t'is, the Granizado Man. He also sells tamales, hot dogs, and other delicious items (but I'm being good today and not eating meat - and I'm not even Catholic). He tells me he's been touring the neighborhood for five years. Since I'm never here, I would not have known. I definately loved his colorful vehicle.

The image was taken on my Canon S-50 P&S Camera. I processed it in Photoshop CS and used a Lucis Art filter and an AutoFX Edges filter to give it the look. So yes folks, you don't need an expensive camera to create art.


Pete said...

Great image. This is something you rarely see anymore. In this photo I get the sense of a humble person that is trying to make an honest living, but at the same time a proud person. Proud of his heritage and his vehicle...