Earthday 2006

So today is Earthday 2006. A holiday or whatever it is to placate tree-huggers. Folks, everyday is Earthday, not just this yearly event that people feel the urge to be "green." We have a moral obligation to God and each other to make sure we take care of our planet.

My part of the planet is at 25 degrees latitude and 90 degrees west in North American, in the southeast point of a penisula called Florida.

Florida has its Everglades - the river of grass. One of the truly natural wonders of the world. The glades has so much wildlife and birds of all types, it is a treasure trove for nature photographers and people who simply enjoy nature. You can go deep in the glades and hear nothing that is human kind. Nothing but silence. The glades is one place you can see spoonbills. My favorite bird. But, for some here in Florida, the Gl;ades is in the way of development. Of what may you ask? Develope what? It is the swamp. Nothing but gators, birds, bugs....who would want to live there?

Well, it's the builders and developers people. They've run out of space. So they take with them the "Go West, young man" motto and lobby the County Commissioners to move the UDB, Urban Development Boundry line to build more homes. They tell us we need cheaper housing, because housing is getting to expensive. Of course, you know what this really means, build more housing, don't build enough infrastructure, and get another Kendall or Pembroke Pines. Build, Build, Build. Let the people enjoy traffic jams from hell each morning and afternoon. Let the schools have 90 kids to a classroom cause there are too many people here.
Well, if they build build build into the Glades, it will continue to kill off this natural wonder. People have killed off a great deal of it already. I have a Florida map in my office from 1863 and you should see how big the Glades was. Compare to what you have there now. It ain't much folks.
The problem is easy here. We have to many friggin people. Fix up the inner city and what is already there. If it is too crowded for people or too expensive, let them live somewhere else. Stop coming to south Florida people. We have no more room. Leave the Glades alone.
At least the Commissioners for now decided on leaving the UDB where it is down South near the Glades. Special Thanks to our great gov. Jeb who opposed the moving of the UDB. Frankly, his support in my opinion made the difference.
Most, if not all, of these shmucks who would rather see townhouses rather than fields of grass in the Everglades have never been there to experienced God's gift to Florida. I do not wish them any mean like getting eaten by a gator or an exotic python that have invaded our ecosystem. But may that the salt marsh mosquitoes of 100 acres of the Glades invade their armpits before they decide to or try to build another inch into the Everglades ecosystem.

Happy Earth-Day