Give me Stone Crabs and Beer for Lunch Everyday of the Year

Yes infidels, spent Saturday afternoon at City Seafood in Everglades City to enjoy the world's best stone crabs along with a nice cold one and the scenery which is the 10,000 islands.

Folks, most places offering stone crabs claws are offering you previously frozen or ones that are a few days old. Here, you're getting them fresh. They come in at night, they cook 'em and ice 'em and they're ready for eating the next morning. Got those collossal claws for $28/pound. 2-3 a pound that will fill you up. Better hurry cause they'll be shutting down for the summer in a few weeks. You'll find it off of Begonia which is off of SR 29, south of the Trail. In fact, this week, I'll try to post images from the area.