Been Fishin' And Now, Back to Work

Yes Infidels, spent the other day fishing the waters of 10,000 Islands in the Florida Everglades with Capt. Chas Wright of Chokoloskee Charters. Got macked big time. Ended up with 4 nice sized ones which I had to cook right away as the cap'n says that if you don't cook 'em within 24 hours, they get blech. So I cooked them right quick on watersoaked cedar planks to give them a nice smoky flavor. Had leftovers and made smoked fish dip out of them. The fish were biting pretty good. Nearly landed a 35 pound cobia, but the wanker broke the line as it was near the boat's net. Took Junior with me and he caught his first fish, a blue fish. He was thrilled. It was also his first time on a boat, so it was like a ride for him. He loved the bumps of the choppy waters of the Gulf. He had a grin from ear to ear. So I reckon I now have a new fishin' partner. He's still too young for beer though.

Got some cool shots of osprey out there too. Will post those later. And now, back to the grind. See ya later infidels.


Manola Blablablanik said...

So jealous!!!!

Glad you had a great time.

Jorge said...

Awesome dude!

Never too young for a beer!

Get that kid a cold frosty one next time!