Fourth of July Celebration in Downtown Miami

Great fireworks show in Downtown Miami last night, (or a few hours ago to be more accurate).  The storms cleared up and the temps were about 17 degrees cooler (low 80's).  A perfect night to enjoy the fireworks on this Nation's Independence Day.  I was perturbed that the area we've all known for years as the best angle to shoot the skyline and fireworks, under the MacArthur Causeway was fenced off and the entrance roadblocked.  So I had to shoot alongside others from across the Port of Miami.

Not too bad an angle, except you cannot see the entire Bank of America building which was decked out in Red, White, & Blue.  The breeze came in from the East which blew the smoke towards the buildings (and eventually towards the City).  Last year there was no breeze and the smoke simply covered up the skyline.  By the time I left, and it took me an hour to get off of Watson Island and back in Hialeah,  Miami Dade County from Downtown to North Dade to Hialeah was covered in smoke which originated from the various fireworks displays.

Anyways,  hope you all had a good time. At least I didn't have a camera malfunction like I did last year. Got some decent pics and had a swell time.

See you out in the field folks.

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