All I Have is a Photograph

I'm gonna miss you Missy. You're one with the force and with the angels now.

It is with such sadness that I have learned that one of my closest friends and law partners, someone who has been like a little sister to me was murdered. One always reads about these things in the papers but when it strikes someone close to you, the evil in this world becomes so vivid.

We keep asking why did someone have to take away such a beautiful person from us, who loved life, and always made us smile. Simply, it's evil and the lack of God in our society and the complete disregard for human life.

Life is so precious and in a heart beat it is taken away.

Deep inside I am full of anger and sadness but her memory I will always carry with me. For the last eight years I've mentored her and watched her grow to become a fine lawyer who always took the high ground. But above all she was like the sister I never had. She would always come into my office and I into hers and would talk about everything including our mutual love for Jimmy Buffet music, Star Wars, and more personal important things in our lives.

We would sing together every Christmas at the office party usually to Jimmy Buffett songs. But now that voice has been silenced by an evil force.

Thanks for all the love you gave us Missy. I will miss you deeply.

I hope and pray that the one who took you away from us meets justice swiftly and hope and pray that no one else is harmed by this evil animal.

At the last Christmas Party Missy and I sang Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young". It's so true and that is so sad.

I know we'll meet again one day Missy and finally then we can have that lunch that we've been putting off too long.

Love you always.

Pete (what she called me)
"Every time I see your face,
It reminds me of the places we used to go.
But all I got is a photograph
And I realize you're not coming back anymore."
Photograph, R. Starkey & G. Harrison


Pete said...

Dude I heard on the news. Shocking. Let's hope they catch the bastard who did it soon.