Happy Birthday Dad

My old man had he lived would have been 83 today. Here's a picture I took of him back when I was a young 12 or 13. This image is full of ghosts. In the reflection is me with a Yashica Rangefinder and my departed grandmother. That was my first camera I worked all summer to buy. My 1st foray into photography back when it was film baby. No flickr then.
My old man wasn't around to see his only son get married or have kids. He never met his grandkids Nicolas & MIchelle. I'm sure he's looking from above with a big smile. When things seem bleak and when evil forces try to hurt me, I know he's looking out for me.

I shot this with old Tri-X film and fortunately still have the negs which I scanned. It's one of those pics that can bring tears to your eyes as it captured a moment of time a long long time ago.

People will always come and go. Some will love you and some will hate you. But through it all, there's always your old man to guide and protect you.

So today when I open up my bottle of wine, I'll be drinking with him albeit in spirit. I hope I can be the old man to my kids that you were to me. You were and are the best. Love you always.

Happy Birthday Pop!

Love your son.


Anonymous said...

A man whos kind spirit, big heart and wounderfull laugh is missed by all who had the pleasure to know him.


Srcohiba said...

thanks my brother! Amen.

AmandaDufau said...

Happy birthday to your dad, Mike.
He seems like he was one helluva guy!