While The World Was Hung Over - I Was Taking Pictures of Gators

A juvenile gator from Viera Wetlands, in Brevard County, Florida. Handsome fella, huh? Might as well enjoy these times in the wild cause the news reports that La Nina (the tramp) is back which means hurricanes. Click here for the story. Al Gore blames it on global warming. Whatever the hell it is, enough of the hurricanes. How about something new like frogs or locusts? Or dogs and cats sleeping together? I dunno, but I don't want to go through any more hurricanes until 2017.

Of Course, the latest here in Florida is that a state legislature wants to ban the term "illegal alien" from all official records and use the word "immigrant" instead. I think this is a good move since I've yet to see anyone come across our shores who looks like this:

That's all for now infidels. I'll see y'all in the swamp!


Jorge said...

Hey, I correctly predicted that last year would be a non-season while that bum Dr. Gray was predicting gloom and doom. I say we take him out!! All it did was spur everyone (insurance, FPL, etc.) to stick it to us because of his predictions! Well? I want my money back!! That's right! Enough with the fleecing!!