Howdy infidels. Man I've been so busy, not much time to post. But I have some random thoughts for the day:
1) Screw Vista - Go Mac! Infidels, I've been saved and have converted to the Intel Power Mac Pro. I shall never buy a Windows machine again. No more Microsquish and all that jazz. This is the most powerful machine I've ever used and it's so easy to use. The only problem with the Mac is that you tend not to sleep. Let's see, I've been on photoshop processing my recent images. Then, I've been on i-tunes downloading some great new stuff and some podcasts. Then, I've been tinkering with Garageband. I picked up one of those 49 key Midi USB keyboard controllers (works right off the USB) ... and it gives you access to all the digital samples and synth sounds and pads on the Mac. Throw in some cool loops from the Garageband library and presto, I ended spending a few hours creating a 64 bar track with drums, percussions, bass, and keyboard riffs. My own digital recording studio. Then, at some point, I'll use my music to create slideshows and movies with i-movie and presto, I'll never sleep again as I'll be having so much fun playing with all these programs. Who knows, I may just start songwriting again. I guess I'll need to fix myacoustic guitar and get an audio to USB converter so I can record vocals and guitars. I'll be getting an i-pod tommorrow and I'm ready to rock. (The only thing Microsoft is good at is at the Xbox 360. That is addicting I must admit, esp. the NBA 2K7 game. Simply a blast shooting hoops.
2) Speaking of Rock, I just heard this artist today that is amazing and a must purchase for lovers of Hendrix style funk. Robert Randolph is a steel guitar player who plays the pedal steel like Hendrix (with distortion) and to a cool funk beat. This has to be one of the few new artists out there that has blown me away. Finally, something fresh to listen to in the current musical desert. A must listen people. His new album has Clapton, Dave Matthews, and others on it. A spectacular product.
3) Finally, in a few days I should be getting my Adobe Lightroom for the Mac. At that time, my workflow should speed up and I'll have new images. I was using Breezebrowser on the Windows system because it is so easy to browse your images with it. I do not like Bridge. Lightroom will solve my problem. So watch out folks, this train's a comin.
That's all for now. I'm on a caffeine buzz at the moment. A product of my 4 shot sugar free vanilla latte (made at home of course -- who needs Starbucks -- well I do, since I buy their beans and their vanilla syrup). Although, I'm currently using the restaurant quality Cafe Pilon beans. Tastes as good.


Henry Gomez said...

Welcome to the Mac World my friend.

Photobonnie said...

I've been making my latt├ęs at home, too. Something about making them just right that I enjoy. You know, the perfect amount of foam.

I was a Mac user for a short time. Maybe someday I'll switch back, for now I'll stick with XP. Not fond of Vista but we shall see.

Have fun with the new computer. :)