Broward's Burrowing Owls Are Doing the Mambo in 2012

Among the many types of birds we get here in Florida,   we have our share of burrowing owls. Folks come from around the world to see them, especially those who nest at the Cape Coral Library and to a lesser extent, Marco Island.   But for South Floridians,  we have a large colony of owls literally in our own backyard in Western Broward County.

I am fortunate to have my office right around the block from the burrowing owl colony and thus I've had the opportunity to visit them every Spring.  If you've followed my images,  you can see pics of these cute little guys.   It's still too early for the babies,  but to get the season started, I prepared a short 2 minute video of the antics of these cute owls and it served as a perfect excuse to test out the new Canon EOS 5d Mark III.  All I can say is that I'm very impressed with both the imaging and video qualities of this new camera especially at high ISO's.  See for yourselves.  Also,  because our owls in South Florida have been immersed in Latin culture for many years, I've prepared the perfect theme music for them from Perez Prado.

So folks, enjoy the Mambo Owls of Broward County.

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