Fowey Rocks Lighthouse

An image I took a few months ago while flying with local pilot Robert Buschel.  You usually never see this lighthouse unless you have a boat as the Fowey Rocks Light is located seven miles southeast of Cape Florida on Key Biscayne, Florida. It's an old structure having been completed in 1878.  The light has withstood a plethora of hurricanes and storms throughout the years, but it still stands and is in operation today.  The light is 110 feet above the water.

Fowey Rocks are named for the Royal Navy frigate HMS Fowey which was wrecked on a different reef to the south in 1748.  The deadly Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 washed away the first deck of the lighthouse, 15 feet above the water, but the tower survived. The lighthouse is currently inside the boundaries of Biscayne National Park.