Miami Skyline in Photos - 2001-2011

After the birth of my son in 1998, I began to get back into photography after a long hiatus.  Back in those days I was shooting film of course and I was experimenting with medium format as well. I used my old Canon Rebel, then my Canon Elan7e, and my last film camera, an EOS 3.  I also played around with an old 40 year old Yashica D TLR Medium format camera that belonged to my dad.  In 2003, I decided to go digital and have shot digital ever since (though occasionally I would bring out my Medium Format Mamiya 7ii for special landscapes).  No matter what I was shooting,  at some point in time, I would photograph the Miami Skyline. You can photograph it from Watson Island or Brickell, from the Bay, the Port, or from the highway or bridges.  It has always yielded some cool images.  What one does not realize is that in only a short span of time, a decade, the skyline has changed with the construction of new buildings.  This slideshow documents how the skyline has changed in the last decade.  The first set of images were taken in 2001-2003 and the last set of images were taken just a few months ago.  In between, I have images I've taken as well during a lot of the construction which is evidenced by cranes and booms.  I also included images from several July 4 firework shows from the skyline which were taken from 2007-2010.  Many of my images were taken from Watson Island under the bridge (which you can no longer do due to tunnel construction. Other images I took from the Bay, from Brickell Key, from Key Biscayne, and from the Highway and Bridges along the Miami River.

The music? Well I selected a piece called, "Miami" by Paquito D'Rivera.  Enjoy the next five minutes, and hopefully in ten more years, I'll be able to create part 2.

All Images © 2001-2011, Michael Pancier Photography