A New Year at Fort DeSoto

As I have done now for the second year in a row, I decided to spend New Years Eve and New Years Day in one of my favorite places,  Tierra Verde aka Fort DeSoto in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida.  The birds are not there yet in number, but I cannot help but love this place. I've seen so many sunrises and sunsets there I never get tired of them. It's a new show every day.  Thing is, I really love the Gulf of Mexico.  I've done my best photography there. I've done my best fishing there.  I love the beaches there. The Gulf has so many bird and wildlife opportunities that I just don't find on the Atlantic side of the state. The water there is warmer, clearer, and calmer.  Last year we really had a scare with the oil spill.  We have seen the enemy of the Gulf and it is us. It must remain pristine.  Here are some of the images of the Gulf and from Tampa Bay taken on New Years weekend 2010-2011 at Fort DeSoto Park.

Last Sunset of 2010 - North Beach Fort DeSoto
Egmont Key Lighthouse - Taken from Fort DeSoto North Beach
Sunshine Skyway Bridge - Tampa Bay Sunrise - From East Beach
Sunshine Skyway Bridge and Freighter - Tampa Bay - From East Beach

Black Skimmers at North Beach

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