A Pristine Florida Beach - A Thing of the Past?

Folks, this is an image of Cape Sable in the Florida Everglades along Florida Bay.  It is one of the most beautiful pristine beaches in our state.  You can't there except by boat. There is no litter there and more importantly, no human elements such as people or development.  Folks that visit here are typically nature photographers, naturalists, outdoorsy folks, and fishermen.  The area is kept pristine and is only affected by nature.

One of the things I am looking to photograph throughout the state are pristine beaches.   There aren't that many of them simply because of human development.  But now,  these beaches may be no more if that Gulf Oil spill makes it's way into the Gulf Stream.  

This spill happened all because of folks cutting corners simply to save money.  Pure and simple.  If the slick reaches the beaches south of Cedar Key on the West Coast of Florida,  the Keys, and possibly the East Coast,  we can kiss the beaches goodbye.  There won't be anymore birds to photograph.  You won't be able to trust anything you catch out there (assuming there is anything left to catch out there) as the fragile reefs will be soiled and killed.  And these pristine beaches will be tarred with tar.  A lovely thought.  

Let's pray our most fragile shoreline, beaches, and reefs can be spared and may the wrath of God befall all of those who are at fault here.   I literally feel ill and will mourn should these beaches, shorebirds, and sea life which is innate to the Florida ecosystem should perish due to the greed and recklessness of others.