Xmas Spirits


Anonymous said...


I was thinking (always dangerous for me!), and it dawned on me that your camera dealer might be a source for a 5D2 kit. You said you were waiting for a camera body only, but do you think they have *kits* sitting around awaiting a customer? Yeah, I know, that's probably unrealistic right now, but if you happen to be talking to your dealer, could you ask them if they'd like to sell a kit? Like right now.

I'm right up the road from you, in Parkland, and I'm willing to travel.

Thanks for even considering it!


Srcohiba said...

Unfortunately Jack, my dealer is in Boston, ... I use Hunt's Photo up there ....

My friend has a deposit down at Pittman's in South Dade and there's nothing available there either. It's harder than finding a WII online.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, that's what I figured.

But I thought it was worth a shot.

I think the initial shipments have all been disbursed by now, and now the dealers are all pretty much waiting around for the second shipments to arrive.

Oh, well...