Sunset on the Turnpike

Florida Turnpike and I-595
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Anonymous said...

Michael, will you be getting a 5D Mark2?


Srcohiba said...

Jack, I have my deposit in at Hunt's in Boston for one.

I have too many digitals now. I have to find someone to pick up my old one.

I hope the ISO quality is as good or comparable to the Nikon D3 which is to die for.

I still don't understand why they are still sticking with the current a/f system instead of adopting the 45 point a/f from the 1d line.

Anonymous said...


I am an early beginner who just bought the Nikon D40. As I am learning, it seems as though there are qualitative differences between the Image Sensors (beyond the MP) but I...well, I guess I don't have the sophistication to know what I am reading.

Some people say CCD is better. Others say that it isn't. Some people call CMOS cheap. What is the deal? Is the D90, with a CMOS sensor better? Does pixel density matter practically?

For what it's worth, I use the camera to photograph clothing for my wife's online store so better is actually meaningful, here.

Can you help a brother out?

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Michael, I don't know if you've seen this yet, but if this is any indication of its low-light capabilities, you'll be *more* than pleased. This was all supposedly done with available light!

And so will I, because I'm on Amazon's waiting list for one myself. Along with the 24-105mm f/4 IS kit lens.

I only have a 30D right now, so it will become my backup.

But I've been lusting for a full-frame camera for quite some time now, and this one looks like it will become mine.

Provided I have any money left, after all the politicians in Washington get done "fixing" the economy.


Srcohiba said...

jack I hear you. if you want to pick up a second hand 5d let me know. you can then convert your 30d to IR like I did with my 20d.

Srcohiba said...

HC, i'm not that well versed on Nikon's sensor architecture.

Their new cameras are fantastic.

You should check out dppreview.com and i'm sure you'll get more detailed information.

good luck

Anonymous said...

HC, welcome to the world of photography!

One thing you will realize pretty quickly is that there is no "better" or "best". There's just what works for *you* and for *your* situation.

Don't get caught up in all that "my gear is bigger or better than your gear" nonsense, because it never ends.

You like Nikon? Stick with it.

The D40 is a very good entry-level DSLR camera, and with the right lenses, it should be able to do anything you need it to do, given your current requirements.

Invest your money in quality Nikon *lenses* and you'll be in a good position to eventually move up to Nikon cameras with more features, etc., as you become better able to take advantage of them.

Anyway, that's my two cents.


Anonymous said...

Michael, I was *really* tempted to find myself a good used 5D Mk1, because I knew the new one would be fairly pricey when it came out, but when I found out about the new HD video capabilities, I decided to bite the whole bullet.

Of course, this move will also probably require that I get a new computer, too, to handle the new requirements of HD video, but...

Hey, do you handle bankruptcies, too?



Anonymous said...

Mike and Jack,

Got it and thanks for the responses!