The Breakers - Palm Beach, Florida


Handsome said...

Michael, just as I was about write and say that certainly *this* photo was an example of HDR, I noticed the "HDR" label.

Very nice rendition!

Not too much, not too little.

Did you do it in Photoshop?



Srcohiba said...

Jack I use photomatix pro. I think it's the easiest and most powerful program for HDR.

Handsome said...

Michael, I agree. Photomatix Pro is the best HDR program out there.

You can probably get the same results with Photoshop, but you really have to know what you're doing (I don't), and it's a *lot harder.

Did you take this one in the usual way, using three different exposures?

That gives the best results, I think.

But Photomatix Pro also allows you to "tonemap" just one jpeg, too, with sometimes amazing results.

Anyway, I like your work!


Srcohiba said...

Jack, I set AEB for -1 0 +1. Unfortunately that's all my P&S allows. Normally I shoot from -2 to +2.

thanks again

Handsome said...

Michael, yeah, +/- 2 EVs work even better.

I love HDR.