Thoughts on the "the Fair"

Image © 2007 by Michael A. Pancier
As far back as I can remember, especially being a native born Miamian, spring time meant going to the Dade County Youth Fair (as it was known then). Now, it’s just “the Fair.”

Apparently, this has been an event in South Florida for over 50 years or so, but much as changed at least in my lifetime, especially in the last 5 years.

While as a kid, we always looked forward to the rides, as does my kid now, we always enjoyed as much the old time country fair feel that came along with the agriculture and animal exhibits. In the last 5-10 years, the agriculture and animal exhibits have shrunk more and more to where now, it’s but a mere shadow of its former self. In fact, all of the agriculture and animal exhibits are now in one exhibit building, rather than the several it used to occupy. In my adult years, while my going on the rides has since become minimal (mainly to accompany my son now), I always looked forward after schlepping for hours in the hot son to those icy fruit shakes in the agriculture section of the fair exhibits. Of course, I always ordered the Mamay shakes. They used the fresh stuff (not the frozen). And man they were good (though not even close to Robert’s).

Now that is all gone. The “Fair” is nothing but the rides, the school exhibits (that hasn’t changed for now. Heck, I’ll never forget my art teacher in elementary school would always submit my work to the exhibits at the fair. Frankly, I had and have no talent for drawing/painting, but she somehow liked my work. I still feel it was because she spotted me with my folks at a weekday evening concert of her fellow countryman, cellist Mstislav Rostropovich. In any event, if you have kids or you’re a kid at heart, you should go if only to see the parade of chusmeria which seems to have taken over the Fair. I’d have loved to have my tele lens there to do some street, and I do mean “street” photography. But, I know better.


Anonymous said...

You forgot the ever present drone from the loud speakers: "Fried Ice Cream, IT'S REAL, It's Fried, It's ICE CREAM!!" Repeat infinitely. Too bad about the commercialization of the Fair, I have fond memories of that old tyme carnival atmosphere. Some with you, wandering and cruzing for chicks and of course . . . . .

Srcohiba said...

In fact craw, if memory serves me correct, we used to sneak into the fair thorough a low fence if I recall. Even the annoying clown at the dunk booth has disappeared.